Sisters…What? You Don’t See The Resemblance?


On April 13, 2016, I became a member of The Zonta Club of Niagara Falls, NY.

For 30,000 women in 67 countries, Zonta is an oasis in a world where we are taught to compete against each other, undercut each other’s efforts and make each other feel small. This fine group of women, all educated professionals who seek to better themselves, their community and the world at large, welcomed me and my work at a critical time in my career’s development. They not only invited me to speak, but encouraged me as I worked out the bugs in finding my more “public” self, then cheered as I learned to roar! They said, “We’ve got your back”, and in turn I decided that I would always have theirs, no matter the cause. I’m excited for all of the interesting service and advocacy opportunities that I’ll be able to take part in during the coming years. One thing I know for sure is there will never be a dull moment; my “sisters” are a force to be reckoned with. What? My sisters? You don’t see the resemblance? 😉

Pictured: Membership Chair Daisy Waters, President Gretchen Leffler and me with my sponsor Janice Lewis

For more information on Zonta International or to find a chapter in your area, please visit


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