23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Awards Review



From Judge #67, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards, Mainstream/Literary Fiction.

“Linda Dynel in Sunrise and the Seven One Six introduces the reader to an extended family that includes family of choice as well as family by birth. The crowd is gathering to celebrate the coming marriage of a member of the younger generation. Through the few days of parties and preparations, relationships from the past are revisited and examined.

Dynel has adopted a suspenseful approach to this story. She hints at what has happened in the past long before she lets the reader in on the nitty gritty portions of those back-stories. Long imagined romantic love gives way to the unfailing devotion of a co-worker. Interracial marriage becomes a centerpiece in an ethnic neighborhood fallen on hard times. Both the release and resurrection of old relationships keep the reader guessing.

The book carries lessons in building community and family. The characters are for the most part appealing and I found myself pulling for Tim, even though he was one of the less engaging residents of the story. As he faced forced retirement from the military, he was also facing grown sons whom he hardly knew and certainly did not understand. Connecting again with Wren led him to self-examination and hope.

This little book packs a wallop. The cover is something of a give away with its illustration of the slightly skewed wedding cake. It promises and delivers humor along with the greater stories of building family and extending that to building community. Sunrise and the Seven One Six is a good read and one that I would share with reading buddies. There is something for everyone in this little volume.”

*Given 29/30 points; I couldn’t be happier!

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